Tuesday, October 03, 2006

First Project

It's a Combo!

Hello Everyone!

I just had to try that beautiful Knitted Scarf with a Crocheted Edge pattern that Vicki posted the other day. I haven't done many scarves recently, but this time, I've been in a bit of a scarf mode.

This isn't the best photo, but I love this scarf. I'm using Debbie Bliss's Cashmerino DK in a color voted on by the regulars at my LYS.

I got three skeins, and so far, I've used one. The crocheted edging in done at the end.

I think it's a beautiful scarf that would make a great gift, and it's a good combination pattern for because it's easy, interesting, and pretty.

I'll take a better photo once I'm done.


Beverly said...

It's a beautiful pattern and a lovely color choice.

Heather said...

Gorgeous! I'd like to try that one too.

Kate said...

How pretty! I definitely will have to try that pattern. I'm new to knitting and am always looking for patterns to do and sites to help me. I wanted to pass along a website I found that has a few basic how to videos with great tips on knitting. I'm not sure if you're interested in how to knit videos, but I found these useful when I was just starting out.