Monday, October 02, 2006

Hiya everyone :)

My name is Holly, I blog at Interlacing Loops, I live in Goose Creek, SC. My Mom taught me to crochet several times as a kid, but I was never really able to pick it up. Even now it seems difficult and frustrating, but I really want to learn to crochet well. I picked knitting up when I was about 18 and have been addicted ever since, I can't imagine my life without yarn.

I want to thank Vera for setting up this CAL/KAL, I think it'll be what I need to really get started and stick with crocheting, instead of relearning every few years. ;) I haven't decided what I'm going to knit/crochet yet, but I'm going to pick up Knitting Loves Crochet and see if there's anything in there that looks real good.

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Vera H. said...

You know I'm here to help :-)